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We offer variety of services from storage space solution in rentals, hotestess for exhibition and events, traditional arabic coffee with service. Our storage facility is cost-efficient and flexible commercial business storage options near your business. All of our units are secure, well-lit, and available for your convenience 365 days a year. With furniture rental you can enjoy the freedom to move when you need to or just change it up when you want to. When your situation changes, embrace life's opportunities without letting furniture weigh you down.

Our Services

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Storage Rental Solutions

We are offering conveniently located self-storage center to store your belongings, whether you need a short-term solution or a long-term self-storage unit. One of the biggest advantages of our self-storage facilities is their flexibility, with different solutions and services to best fit your needs.If you’re like many of us, all of your stuff doesn’t fit into your home or office. With self-storage, you rent space, typically on a monthly basis, to stash your property. Unlike full-service storage facilities, where you have limited access to your property and someone else figures out how to store your items, self-storage units give you full control over what is in your unit and how items are arranged.

Hostess Arrangements

We are providing exhibition stand hostess and exhibition models for upcoming fair, events, conferences and shows in Kuwait. We have a network of experienced exhibition and event staff across Kuwait who know what is needed to make your next show succes. Attractiveness and elegance are what our exhibition hostesses and hosts has in common. Our hostesses are also particularly suitable for trade fair registration. Registration, checking-in and handing out (name) badges to your guests at an event or congress are all part of the job. This way of registration will go smoothly and professionally.

Arabic Coffee With Service

It's a lovely Arabic custom, sitting with friends and family in the evening, and over several tiny cups of steaming coffee poured from a dallah, discussing the day's events. It is a custom that has, for several centuries, enabled conversations within a community, with family and people from the neighbourhood. Traditionally, and even today, it's a sign of enduring Arabic hospitality, to invite people to come sit and chat, possibly munch on dates, and have a cup or two - no one's counting. That's the beauty of sitting in the majlis and sipping gahwa. It's kept Emiratis together. This custom of coffee and chatter - gahwa and majlis – is what excel amaz the others.